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ELPLP60 Original Projector Replacement Lamp for Epson EB-2020

ELPLP60 Original Projector Replacement Lamp for Epson EB-2020

  • Type: Original Projector Replacement bulb with housing 
  • Brand Name: Epson
  • Model Number: ELPLP60
  • Works with: Epson EB-426Wi, H381A, H382A, H383A, H384A, H387A, H387B, H387C, EB-C2060XN, BrightLink 425Wi, BrightLink 430i, BrightLink 435Wi, EB-2020, EB-2060, EB-420, EB-421i, EB-425W, EB-900, EB-905, EB-93, EB-93H, EB-95, EB-96W, EB-C1000X, EB-C1010X, EB-C2000X, EB-C2010X, EB-C2010XH, EB-C2020XN, EB-C2030WN, EB-C2040XN, EB-CS500WN, EB-CS500XN, Powerlite 420, Powerlite 425W, Powerlite 905, Powerlite 92, Powerlite 93, Powerlite 93+, Powerlite 95, Powerlite 96W,
  • HID: Mercury Lamps
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Average Life (hrs): 2000 ~ 8000 hours (Depending on Original Projector model and usage)
  • Warranty: 6 Months or 500 hours whichever comes first
  • Wattage: 215W
  • Type: Original Projector Replacement bulb with housing
  • All our bulbs are guaranteed genuine OSRAM/PHILIPS/USHIO bulbs depending on model. This product contains mercury. Kindly dispose used bulbs according to your local laws.
  • All Original Projector lamps by Infinite IT will be shipped within 1-3 working days (Mon-Fri) upon confirmation of purchase.
  • Return and Warranty Policy


    Warranty only covers Manufacture defects. All goods under warranty must be returned before a new replacement unit will be sent out. Any damage determined to not be caused by manufacture defects will not be covered by this policy.



    We do not accept any return or refunds once order is placed. Kindly contact us if you are unsure about your lamp model. 

  • General Lamp Replacement Instructions

    1. Make sure Original Projector is turned off and the power source is disconnected.

    2. Let the Original Projector cool down for at least an hour.

    3. Locate the lamp cover. (Usually at the bottom of the Original Projector)

    4. Unscrew the lamp cover and the screws connecting the lamp to the Original Projector.

    5. Remove the entire lamp module including the casing by lifting the lamp handle.

    6. Insert new lamp module into Original Projector and screw back carefull