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We’re committed to providing the best installation service for all projectors in the Klang Valley. As a certified Epson Interactive projector installer and authorised Epson reseller, we can provide the quality installation with affordable price. We provide installation services for home theatre set ups to schools and corporate offices. Contact us for further information on how we can bring you value.

Projector Installation All in one package inclusive of:

  • Wiring (Power, HDMI and VGA) on conduit or concealed in wall/floor

  • Projector installation on standard bracket on all types of ceiling (Plaster ceiling or bare ceiling)

  • Wall or face plate with HDMI and VGA interface at customer's convenience

  • Dedicated main power switch for projector for maximum safety.

  • Projector screen (Manual pull down, stand alone tripod or electric motorised)

  • Image calibration and user training

  • Optional: Video splitter, switcher or signal booster  

Video conferencing Installation All in one package inclusive of:

  • Wiring (Power, HDMI and USB) on conduit or concealed in wall/floor

  • Camera mounting on tv, wall or tripod

  • Setup, configuration and user training

  • Optional: Expansion mic for larger rooms with more participants

Solution for all clients:

  • Corporate offices 

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Places of worship (Mosque, Temple and Church)

  • Home theatre/cinema

  • Events (Gym, Concerts, Conference)


Professional Projector and screen installation by Infinite IT Malaysia


Large Venue Auditorium Projector, Screen and Lift Installation by Infinite IT Malaysia


Certified by Epson Projector Installer by Infinite IT Malaysia


Infinite IT is your one stop Audio Visual Equipment Supplier for any supplies you may need. Take a look at what’s available for your business or home and feel free to get in touch with us to make an order or find out what’s in stock. We’re here to supply you with the best service and products available.

Office Projector installation by Infinite IT


Our budget friendly installation allows flexibility for customers to opt for simple and tasteful setups without compromising quality. Suitable for small to medium size rooms.

Epson certified interactive projector installer by Infinite IT


Touch screen and Projector in one. Enable interactive presentation with your audience through touch sensitive projections. Achieve digital wide screen unattainable using touch panel through Epson Interactive projectors.

Projector edge blending with mapping by Infinite IT Malaysia


Bring to life any object or space by utilising projection blending. Create curved panoramic images by seamlessly blending 2 or more projectors or map any desired video into any shape and size. Suitable for all surface areas and sizes.

Epson Large venue projector installation by Infinite IT


Large venue projection for auditoriums and halls. Enable bright and sharp images even in areas with natural light for maximum coverage. We also provide installation for motorised/electric Projector lift for easy servicing and maintenance.

Logitech Meetup video conferencing setup by Infinite IT


Our video conferencing installation takes into consideration the current layout of customer's space to determine the most cost efficient solution. We offer both all in one video bars or modular solutions customised to meet every scenario.

Tuition centre projector with smartboard installation by Infinite IT

06 Interactive smartboard

Engage with your audience with an interactive whiteboard and projector. Comes with built in operating system so that no source is required. Customer can also opt to play content from a USB or computer/mobile device. This smartboard is optimised for up to 10 touch points using finger touch or a stylus. Comes in a variety of sizes from 83" up to 100". 

Home cinema/theatre installation with Grandview Screen by Infinite IT

07 Home Theatre / Cinema

Achieve up to 150 inch (diagonal) screen size image at the price of a 60 inch TV. Experience crystal clear images up to 4K resolution. Easily customisable solution for all homes.


1. Best recommended Interactive Projector 

Epson EB-1485Fi

  • Whiteboard + Projector in one

  • Annotate, edit, save, print and email documents and files directly on the projected image

  • Multiple unit blending available for a larger screen size

  • Cheaper than a touch screen tv

2. Best recommended Basic Projector 

Epson EB-X06

  • 3,600 lumens / XGA

  • With built in zoom and corner adjustment (keystone) function

  • High sharpness and clarity even in bright setting

  • Wireless connection with ELPAP11

  • RM1,660


projector selection guide

Author: Infinite IT admin

Choosing your first projector can be daunting. Here's a simplified guide to help you understand what different features mean and whether it is suitable for your needs.

1. LCD or DLP?

The terminology LCD refers to a technology whereby 3 colour panels red, blue and green are assembled to project and reflect light to produce an image. DLP meanwhile utilises a DMD chip together with a colourwheel and reflective mirror or glass to project light and produce an image. Typically DLP projectors are cheaper and easier to maintain, however viewers often claim LCD projectors produce a much more vivid and sharper image.

2. Laser or Lamp or LED?

Traditional projectors are all lamp based (light source comes from a lamp or bulb). Laser projectors differ whereby the image light source is a laser beam. Laser projectors typically outlast lamp based projectors twice as long, however the cost to replace the laser diode can be prohibitive.  LED light source is found commonly in small portable projectors and are not widely found in the market.

3. Lumens or Brightness

Lumens or ANSI Lumens is a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. The higher the value, the more brighter the brighter the image is. The projector lumens requirement can depend on many factors including the room size, lighting position, projector position and many more. 

4. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels per image. For projectors the most common resolutions are XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA (1280 x 800), WUXGA (1920 x 1200), Full HD (1920 x 1080) and 4K (4096 x 2160). The higher the resolution, the sharper the projected image would be. For most corporate and education projectors, XGA, WXGA and WUXGA projectors are used. Meanwhile home theatre projectors have resolutions of Full HD or 4K.

5. Brand

We always recommend customers to choose a brand with a comprehensive warranty coverage and a minimum of 2 years warranty. In our experience, projectors break down for many reason including lack of use. Therefore it is important to buy from an authorised reputable seller with after sales service.

6. Wireless connectivity

Most projectors have built-in wireless capability or at least the option to add on wireless connectivity via an additional usb dongle. If wireless connectivity is a priority, it is best to purchase the additional wireless accessory from the brand itself. Otherwise there are many third party casting hardware that can be easily purchase, however do not that the image quality will not be equivalent to the quality when using a cable.

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We offer repair and maintenance service for all brands of projector. Our expertise is fixing 3LCD Projectors like Epson, Sony, Panasonic, BenQ, and many more


Our range of audio visual product for rental include

  • Projectors

  • Projector Screen

  • Portable TV with trolley

  • Video Conferencing equipment

  • and more


Our scope of installation encompasses Projectors Video Conferencing equipment, Video Wall and LED Screens.


We stock all types of parts for Projectors and related Cable networking requirements including KVM switches and more.

Projector repair by Infinite IT


Audio Visual rental by Infinite IT


Projector and Video conferencing installation by Infinite IT


Genuine projector replacement lamp and bulb by Infinite IT



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