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ELPLP60 Original Projector Replacement Lamp for Epson H382A

ELPLP60 Original Projector Replacement Lamp for Epson H382A

  • Type: Original Bulb with OEM Housing / Original bulb with Original Housing (Depending on Original Projector model)
  • Brand Name: Epson
  • Model Number: ELPLP60
  • Works with: Epson EB-426Wi, H381A, H382A, H383A, H384A, H387A, H387B, H387C, EB-C2060XN, BrightLink 425Wi, BrightLink 430i, BrightLink 435Wi, EB-2020, EB-2060, EB-420, EB-421i, EB-425W, EB-900, EB-905, EB-93, EB-93H, EB-95, EB-96W, EB-C1000X, EB-C1010X, EB-C2000X, EB-C2010X, EB-C2010XH, EB-C2020XN, EB-C2030WN, EB-C2040XN, EB-CS500WN, EB-CS500XN, Powerlite 420, Powerlite 425W, Powerlite 905, Powerlite 92, Powerlite 93, Powerlite 93+, Powerlite 95, Powerlite 96W,
  • HID: Mercury Lamps
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Average Life (hrs): 2000 ~ 8000 hours (Depending on Original Projector model and usage)
  • Warranty: 6 Months or 500 hours whichever comes first
  • Wattage: 215W
  • Type: Original Bulb with OEM Housing/Original bulb with Original Housing (Depending on Original Projector model)
  • All our bulbs are guaranteed genuine OSRAM/PHILIPS/USHIO bulbs depending on model. This product contains mercury. Kindly dispose used bulbs according to your local laws.
  • All Original Projector lamps by Infinite IT will be shipped within 1-3 working days (Mon-Fri) upon confirmation of purchase.